Erica Chaney

Yoga Instructor, RYT-200

Erica began her yoga practice in 2012, after years of struggling with debilitating anxiety and clinical depression. As she slowly began to emerge she searched for something to help reconnect with her SELF. It was during her first restorative yoga class that she felt like she truly breathed for the first time. And thus began her love affair with yoga. She realized early on that most mainstream yoga classes did not suit larger bodies so she began experimenting with props and variations to help her feel comfortable at a studio class or in the comfort of her home. It is through yoga and movement practices that Erica is able to improve her body image and focus on the gratitude she has for her current body. Erica received her 200 hour yoga teaching certification in 2015 and is also trained in Accessible Yoga, but first and foremost she is a student. A student who loves to laugh and not take herself too seriously. She practices and teaches with principles of forgiveness and gratitude in mind, and is especially sensitive to those affected by trauma. It is her honor to guide others through this transformative and blissful practice. Erica currently lives and teaches Big Bliss Yoga workshops in Pacific Grove, CA. Please check out the Big Bliss Yoga Instagram page here.

Laurelee Roark


Laurelee has facilitated support groups, workshops and lectured about body image and eating disorders since the 1980’s. She is the co-founder of Beyond Hunger, and she currently sees clients, facilitates weekly groups and workshops in her own private practice. She also runs a peer education program, training teen girls to do prevention work by lecturing in the schools about intuitive eating, body image and emotional intelligence. Laurelee uses art and creativity in her workshops as a way to move into the right side of the brain, the creative side, which allows the individual to express things in a way that words cannot. Such creativity will naturally evoke how one feels in their body. She travels and lectures all over the country and has been featured on television, radio, newspaper articles and magazines as a specialist in the field of body image and eating disorders. Laurelee is the co-author of “It’s Not About Food”, and also co-authored the book “Over It, a Teens Guide to Getting Beyond the Obsession with Food and Weight”. Her private practice is in San Rafael, CA.  For more information visit:

Big Bliss Yoga

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